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Learning Outcome 4

Actively engage 100% of the day in the work of the school to support student learning.

I actively engage 100% of the day in the work of the school by coming each day prepared to support students, teach and guide them to be successful. I do this by facilitating partner or group learning activities, being prepared to support students in their own individual learning to cater to their learning needs and adjusting my teaching approach to support students' overall learning and well-being. Several examples of my commitment to student learning can be outlined below.

1. Working alongside my mentor teacher to learn students' names, strengths, accomodations, ELL learners, ways to support them and areas of improvement for each student.

2. Continously discussing with my mentor teacher my observations of student learning and behaviour in the classroom, challenges I came across and ways to proceed in a professional manner.

3. Creating lesson plans, assessments such as rubrics and faciliating these lessons in class. I provided students time to explore and experiment with new concepts and made sure to check in with each student to support them in their learning.

4. Collecting students' assignments and homework to provide feedback on students' strengths and areas of improvement. I also continously provide verbal feedback from observations I notice as I walk around the classroom during work periods.

5. Discussing with other art teachers in the department about potential lesson ideas, art techniques and teaching strategies to gain different perspectives to support student learning.

6. Worked to problem solve and communicate respectfully alongside students when they came across difficulties in their learning or with other students.

7. Getting to know student interests, ideas, thoughts and encouraging them through the creative process of art.

By actively engaging in the school to support student learning and well-being, I was able to gain a better insight into my students' diverse learning needs and interests. As I got to develop my understanding of my students over time, I was able to improve and adjust my teaching methods to better faciliate lessons and support the students easier on an individual level as well. Overall, this experience has allowed me to develop skills and strategies to help students succeed. Below are some examples that demonstrate this learning outcome. Please click on the images for more details.


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