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Self-Assessment Checklist


I will arrive at the school location at a reasonable time (at least 20min early) to prepare for classes and make sure my workspace is organized.

I will arrive at school on time prepared to teach, assist my mentor teacher, support students and greet them as they enter the classroom. I will also attend/support any extra curricular activities after school and the ones my mentor teacher supervises.

If I am unable to attend my practicum due to my medical condition, injury or any other emergency, I will notify my mentor teacher and practicum facilitator of my absence.

Professional Attire

I will abide by the school's dress code by dressing professionally and appropriately each time I am on site.

I will ensure that I am wearing my medical bracelet and have my medication on person at all times in case of a medical emergency.

Professionalism & Manners

I will treat all members of the school community with respect, fairness and kindness.

I will conduct myself with respectful language, honesty, integrity and maintain open communication between members of the school community.

I will reflect on any personal biases I may have and address them so that I can work towards creating a safe and equitable classroom.

I will use my professional judgement when problem solving any issues that arises during my placement. I will report any issues to my mentor teacher and/or any other member of staff. If I need further assistance or I am unsure how to proceed, I will notify my mentor teacher and/or any other member of staff to help resolve any conflicts.

Use of Personal Devices

I will keep my personal devices away at all times while present in the classroom except when it is being used for educational purposes or needed for emergencies.

Maintaining Confidentiality

I will maintain respectful boundaries and ensure my students' privacy is kept. I will ask for consent before taking photographs of my students and their work.

Student Learning & Well Being

I will create a safe, respectful and equitable classroom that represents the diversity of my students to ensure they feel included, safe, valued and heard.

I will use fair and equitable assessment that accurately reflects student learning and encourages student's growth.

I will create activities, lessons and assignments that reflect the diverse learning needs of my students and create multiple avenues for students to demonstrate their learning.

I will continue my ongoing professional development by learning from my successes, mistakes and through continuous research, reflection and inquiry to better support student learning.


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