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Learning Outcome 2

Demonstrate a professional manner in keeping with the Ontario College of Teachers' Standards of Practice and Ethical Standards.

Throughout the semester, I ensured to conduct myself in a professional manner by maintaining my attendance, dressing appropriately, maintaining confidentiality, and supporting student learning and well-being. I demonstrated the Standards of Practice and Ethical Standards by engaging in lessons that were relevant and reflective of the diversity of the school, assessments that were fair based on students' learning needs, learning from my own mistakes for professional development and paticipating in one-on-one and group interactions with students to support their learning. I have made sure to keep my practicum binder with me to update my attendance, made key notes and observations I have learned throughout the days of my placement and kept journals for my professional practice and development. I am dedicated to building respectful and meaningful relationships with students which I strive to achieve by being firm but fair, listening to the students' needs, interests and making adjustments when needed to help them be successful. As an educator, I understand the importance of maintaining professionalism in order to ensure a respectful, equitable and responsible teaching practice that supports the needs of those in the school community. In order to keep track of maintaining professionalism throughout my school placement, I have created a comprehensive checklist that aligns with the OCT Standards of Practice and Ethical Standards. For more information on my self-assessment checklist, please click on the "Self-Assessment" tab in the headings. Further details about my philosophy of professionalism related to the OCT Standards of Practice and Ethical Standards can be found under the "Professionalism" tab.


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