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E. Professionalism

This learning outcome focuses on professional curiosity and professional conduct.

E. Professionalism

Throughout the semester, I had the opportunity to develop my professional learning and knowledge. Following the OCT Standards of Practice and Ethical Standards, I ensured that I continued to follow the professional protocols required as a teacher. To develop my professional curiosity, I spent time getting to know the success and graduate coach at the school who supports students in academic success, plan goals, meets with community partners and supports students overall well-being. From the graduate coach I learned more about the school demographic, how she helps students create plans for success as well as various clubs and events that are held at the school to enrich the school community. For example, valuable partnerships such as the Albian Neighbourhoods offer after school tutoring programs and student success programs that are free and accessible within the school community. With the wide African and Carribean demographic, clubs such as the Black Culture Club and school field trips that support Black student success are offered for free for students to participate. I have also attended school meetings such as PLC schedules where members from the TCDSB Equity Team came to the school to discuss how to further support students who belong to the LGBTQIA+ community and how we can connect our Catholic values to support all students. I have also discussed with other teachers in the social science department about possible teaching resources I can use in the classroom, as well as had discussions with the school's chaplain about connections of curriculum to the Catholic faith in the classroom.

To maintain professional conduct, I adhere to the OCT Standards of Practice and Ethical Standards. When I have questions regarding the ethical and safety obligations of the teaching profession, I discuss these topics with my mentor teacher, administration and the site cordinator. I also maintain student confidentiality such as when I had to view students' IEPs to better understand how to support them in the classroom. I ensured that the information was not shared with others and discussions I had about them were kept between my mentor teacher and I.

Below are some images that demonstrates this learning outcome. Please click on the following images for more details. For more information on my approach to professionalism, please view the Professionalism and Self-Assessement tabs.

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