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Hi! My name is Ysabela.

Welcome to my Teaching Portfolio!

About Me

Hello! My name is Ysabela Reyes and I am an Intermediate-Senior Teacher Candidate in my first year of the Bachelors of Education Program at York University. My first teachable is Visual Arts and my second teachable is General Social Science. My passion for teaching has been influenced by the great teachers and mentor teachers who have inspired me throughout my educational journey and helped shaped the person who I am today. As an educator, I am motivated to empower my students to become positive advocates for change in their communities and support them in their pursuits of their goals for the future. 

My Philosophy of Education

As an educator, I am fully committed to the continuous development of student growth, learning and well-being. I envision my future classroom as learning environment that is not only a classroom, but a makerspace that encourages students to actively participate in their own learning through experiential learning, draw important connections from their academic learning to their communities outside the classroom and build upon relevant skills that helps them become critical thinkers. I understand that each student enters the classroom with their own intersectional identities, learning needs, lived experiences and stories that add to the growing diversity of our classrooms. As an educator, it is my responsibility to address my own biases and privileges within the classroom, as well as the power and privileges in our society for those who have been experiencing oppression. To counter this, I want to build a transformative space that empowers the diversity of my students' voice, cultures and identities that exists in my classroom.


Above all, I aim to cultivate a brave space of growth and love where students are actively engaged in meaningful learning to further develop their own voice, confidence, creativity and skills to prepare them for life beyond the classroom. To accomplish this, I will continue building meaningful relationships with my students to better understand their learning needs, goals and skills. I will challenge my students to think critically about the things they encounter in the world, to be courageous to face uncertainties, and uplift one another as I journey with them to understand what it means to live a beautiful and meaningful life. I will continue working diligently to further my professional development across my career through ongoing investigation, inquiry and expanding my knowledge as an educator.


My Studies

September 2022 - Present

Bachelor of Education

York University

Intermediate/Senior Division

First Teachable: Visual Arts

Second Teachable: General Social Sciences

September 2018 - June 2022

Bachelor of Fine Arts

York University

Specialized Honours Major in Visual Arts - Studio


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